Bryan Owens

Bryan Owens moved to Portland in 2001 after living abroad for 6 years in countries such as Switzerland, Ireland and New Zealand. He received his Certificate of Waldorf School Educators in 2004 and has since worked at various schools including Portland Waldorf School, Swallowtail, and Shining Star. Bryan has experience with both the grades and early childhood and has a special interest in music. He has released a CD and performs occasionally on the guitar, octave mandolin, violin, and clarinet.


Nina Lane

Concluding a 14-year career in New Zealand as a nationally known singer, songwriter, guitarist, singing tutor and recording artist, Nina Lane moved to Portland, Oregon in 2001. Coming from a country with supportive social services, Nina became acutely aware of the under-served population of Portland. Feeling compelled to make a difference she began working for Early Head Start, a program that provides support and services for a diverse range of cultures including low income and many non-English speaking families from birth to three years of age.

In 2004, seeking a deeper spiritual connection to her work with children, Nina accepted a position teaching at New Day School. Here she experienced an early childhood program utilizing tools from both the Waldorf philosophy and the Ananda Marga approach to education. Through her own enthusiasm and motivation she quickly moved from an assistant position to lead teacher.

An opportunity arose in 2007 to work as an assistant teacher in the early childhood program at Cedarwood Waldorf School. This proved to be a very rich, integrated classroom experience with young children and solidified Nina’s commitment to work with Waldorf education. She has participated in deeper studies of the young child on Summer Intensive trainings at the Micha-el Institute and does ongoing research through book studies and discussion.

Nina has now been teaching the young child consistently for 10 years and remains deeply motivated to weaving her passion for music and love of nature with Waldorf education, in support of the wellbeing of the child. She became a founder of Song Garden a Waldorf Inspired Pre school – kindergarten in Portland in 2009.

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