Waldorf Education

For nearly 90 years, schools and teachers all over the world have worked with an approach to education based on indications given by Rudolf Steiner. Through rigorous inner work, study and practice, teachers develop the sensitivity and capability to respond to the educational needs of children based on a spiritual understanding of the human being. This approach is founded on a unique view of the developing child and the unfolding of the capacities for thinking (head), feeling (heart) and willing (hands). Teachers working in schools based on Steiner’s research into education strive to bring a holistic, well-rounded curriculum that enables children to become independent, creative thinkers who are fully equipped to meet life’s demands.


Early Childhood

The first seven years of childhood is a period where imitation is the primary method of learning. Early childhood teachers strive to create a setting where actions are worthy of imitation so that the child may trust that through action and will forces, the world is full of goodness. Preschool and Kindergarten programs at Song Garden strive to create a model environment for children to explore and express what they have experienced. Rhythm is an important part of each day and revolves around circle activities, snack, stories, indoor and outdoor play, art projects and rest time. The work of early childhood is play, and this is best achieved in a healthy, nurturing setting.

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